Version finale Belgian people - courte

Project Details


Françoise Scheepers

Executive Producer
Alexandre Legrand

Producer for Mefamo
Shaban Krasniqi

Vincent Delré, Alexandre Legrand & Françoise Scheepers

Director & Editor
Christophe Mavroudis

Director of Photography
Shaban Krasniqi

Assistant Director, Assistant Director of Photography
& Set Designer
David Hermans

Still Photographers
David Hermans & Leslie Xhoffray

Alexandre Legrand

Production & Set Assistants
Bruno "Igor Sandman" Bidon, Sandy Foulon, Leslie Xhoffray and Maxime Larondelle

Olivier Désir
Kevin MacLeod - Incompetech (
FreePlay Music (
Madness (“One Step Beyond” theme in Adolphe Sax sketch)

Make-up, Special Effects,Wigs and other miracles
Magic Sébastien Menegatti

Props Finder
Delphine Gehain, Michel Beerten

Alejandro Tirador Fuente

Pierre Tielemans


Vincent Delré
Duke Godfrey of Bouillon, René Magritte or "this is not
Patrick McNee", Emperor Charlemagne, Andreas Vesalius, Adolphe Sax, Justine Hénin, Kim Clijsters, James Bond, Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Jacky Ickx, Eddy Merckx, the Manneken-Pis, Jean-Joseph Merlin, Mr Smurf, Jacques Brel, Hercule Poirot (as played by David Suchet).

Albert Legrand
Adolphe Sax’s son

Alejandro Tirador Fuente
Charlemagne’s monk and Jacques Brel’s audience

Anne-Catherine Maquet
Jacky Ickx’s groupie, Smurf’s crowd, Jacques Brel’s audience

Aurélie Bassot
Eddy Merckx’s groupie, Manneken-Pis’s lady friend

Delphine Gehain
Charlemagne’s courtier, Smurf’s crowd and
Jacques Brel’s audience

Dominique Georges
Smurf sandwich-board carrier and Jacques Brel’s audience

Fabian Chiaradia
Manneken-Pis’s male friend

Françoise Scheepers
Amélie Nothomb

Geoffrey Dezoppy
Jacques Brel’s audience

Jonathan Danse
Merlin rapper, Smurf crowd, Jacques Brel’s audience

Justine Sueur
Redouté’s model, Jacky Ickx’s groupie, Merlin rapper,
Smurf crowd, Jacques Brel’s audience

Kim Désiron & Justine Prémont
James Bond’s girls

Laurent Vizzini
Charlemagne’s courtier

Luigi Boscolo
Charlemagne’s courtier, Napoléon Bonaparte
and Jacques Brel’s audience

Magali Grimonprez
Jacky Ickx’s girlfriend

Maurice Jason
Charlemagne’s page-boy

Michel Beerten
Jérémie Klâxonne’s fan

Philippe Vanbellingen

Sandy Foulon
Corpse being dissected by Vesalius

Vanessa Minique
Emma Peel

Thomas Guilmot
Duke Godfrey of Bouillon’s groom

Yves Malandri
Eddy Merckx’s team-mate, Manneken-Pis’s male friend,
Merlin rapper, Smurf crowd, Jacques Brel’s audience

….and the Hand


Province of Liège Tourism Federation, especially
Michaël Mathot and Madeleine Duré at the Château
of Jehay; Fanny Dominique at the Château of Moha;
Georges Delré for the car used in “This is not Patrick
McNee”; Robert Jamaer for the musical instruments;
The Alleur Tennis & Squash Club; Philippe Boucquiau
for the use of his Porsche; SNCB Holding (Belgian Railways)
and especially Louis Maraite; Eurostar Belgium;
Jean-Paul Lekeu and Marc Hanssen for the use of their
splendid house; Caroline The Tortoise; The BeManos Hotel
and its lovely staff and especially Jean-Pierre Miok,
the director; Philippe Vallée from the Délirium Café in
Brussels; Paul Huygens from the Music Village jazz club
in Brussels; Ness Consult; The “Les Comores” theatre
company for the loan of their 19th-century costumes;
Simenon’s pipe from an original idea by Joseph Jeanmart;
Manon (aged 3) for unknowingly suggesting we hug the
beloved DVDs of the television series “Agatha Christie’s Poirot”
starring David Suchet meanwhile we watch the episodes;
Jean-Claude Van Damme’s foot for its kind co-operation;
Pierre Prégardien at MyPixHell for the use of the dolly and
Carine Herberg from PM Productionfor the wigs; Michel Verhoest
and Laurence Braem of the Accor Group; The Medieval
Reenactment society “Les Compagnons du Cerf” for the
Middle Ages costumes; Jean Libert; The Youth Club of
Rixensart; Stéphane Lemeret; Roland Mathieu;
Jacques et Jean Gehain.